05 June, 2012

Why, Hello Kitty


I am back. I can't promise much, but I did want to "check in" with my faithful followers.

These past few months have been some of the very busiest of my LIFE. I would definitely say they have been busier than the months leading up to our wedding.

About one month before I completed my last interior design project for school, I got an email from a residential interior design firm, expressing they were interested in me for a position at their company. Without much thinking (and with tons of excitement), I jumped on the opportunity. So right now, I am working FULL time in my construction job and PART-TIME in my design job. Also, a few days ago I got a small job on the side. So yeah, things have been busy, but fun and great!

Also, my sweet husband turned the big 3-0 last week. We celebrated with a big week vacay, followed by a cookout on our new patio.

The next exciting thing I have ventured into has been eBay. I started selling my "older" stuff. It has been a relief to clean out some closets. If you have spoken with me in the past few weeks, I have probably told you to do the same. I am a barrel of fun.

Hopefully I will have some more fun things to share this summer as I hope to reboot ye ole blog. What would you like to see more of? Design? Fashion? Excessive pictures of me at weddings? The Beaz?

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