04 January, 2012

Shipping Container Buildings

There are days when I waffle back and forth. Do I want to design for commercial or residential? And then I see something like this article on a new Starbucks shop in Washington, made out of four reused shipping containers, and I feel my heart lies with commercial design.


Speaking of…school starts back on Monday…good-bye social life, it twas fun.


lovemins said...

good luck with school :) you have a lovely blog :) I follow you on bloglovin!
xoxo, saskia :)

Serge said...

Just to add, using shipping containers for residential purposes would be a great way for you to reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Sarah Miller said...

These days, the use of shipping containers as building materials is becoming popular because of its durability and low cost. - http://containersfirst.com/custom-built-shipping-containers/shipping-containers-buildings-australia

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