19 January, 2012

Paper on Walls

I cannot think of an easier way to add some real pizazz to a room other than adding a kitschy-cool wallpaper. Here are some of my current favorites, I want them all (not all in one room, although...)!

Sanderson Omega Cats Wallpaper-John Lewis
Foret Noir-Lapin & Me
Scrapwood Wallpaper
Stacked Paperback - Anthropologie
Fashion-Ferm Living
People are always asking me how to be "bolder" within their own homes. This is your answer!

1 comment:

Brooke Logan said...

Sooo I really wanted to do some awesome wallpaper in our dining room... like Zebras (Turner Pocock). People have been majorly hating on the wallpaper idea, so yesterday I decided to give it up in favor of a stencil. Now I am back on board with fighting for the wallpaper. I need to find someone to hang it... 

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