02 January, 2012

New Beginnings

The new year is such a beautiful thing. Promise of wonderful opportunities, laughs and successes fill the air as people write out lists of "to-do's" and "not-to-do's".

Every year, I hear people (yogis and gym goers alike!) complain that their "space" will be taken over by all of these eager resolution makers. This makes me sad. Of course I loathe waiting for cardio, or someone grabbing "my spot" in a yoga studio (I have a "spot" in most studios in Charlotte, don't you?), but I want these people to make these life changing, maybe even life SAVING changes. I haven't always been the healthiest lady out there but I do feel that I am pretty balanced these days, and it has resulted in much happiness in my personal life. When I feel better physically, I feel stronger mentally.

So encourage your friend, loved one or neighbor to continue this journey of health. I am currently living with three close family members that would be in a lot different situations if they had 1) quit smoking 2) quit partying and 3) quit excessive eating and bingeing cycles. It makes me think, what if someone would have helped them keep a resolution years back? 

I'm just saying. 

And if it's you with the resolution, do not give up just because Trader Joe's produce section is busy, or that the unfamiliar face at the yoga studio parked it in "your spot". Encourage others to be healthy, you have no idea the impact it could have on the future. Encourage others to try something new that could become a healthy habit.

And friend, Trader Joe's produce section is ALWAYS crowded. 

What are your resolutions?


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