11 January, 2012

My chat with Kelly Wearstler

Yesterday on Twitter, Kelly Wearstler and I had a heart to heart chat. Ok, not really, but she did respond to some of my questions during the Architectural Digest #askad100 tweet chats. How cool is that? The chat room was filled with great questions and others that are like me, and adore the Kelly Wearstler aesthetic.

Have y'all checked out pics (or gone to!!!) the Kelly Wearstler boutique in Beverly Hills? The space provides a stunning backdrop for Kelly's new line of Ready to Wear, as well as her geo jewelry line. 

My favorite part? The cheeky mannequins are so much fun!! Must find some old mannequins and spray  gold soon!! Also, I am obsessed with the gold perforated theme...Hollywood Regency at it's best!


Some highlights of the Tweet Chat:

"I really don't look at trends. I just follow my heart and do what I love. Inspiration is everywhere!"
"For me, fashion follows interiors and interiors follow fashion. Each discipline inspires the other."
"I would love to do a diffusion line someday!" (answer to my q!)
"I love all colors right now, but if I had to choose right now, I'm in love with Punk Pinks."

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

amazing! I did not know she had a boutique in Beverly...what a rad building!

xo Stephanie
honey & silk blog

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