24 January, 2012

Morning Views

Today is going to be one of those really long days. Although, I am not complaining. My plate is beyond full due to the amount of work I am trying to accomplish before our big Parisian adventure. 

 Sometimes when I know I am going to have an incredibly busy and stressful day, I will wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and read something fun while drinking my first cup (of a full pot) of coffee.  I have absolutely always done this. Except, in college instead of reading (who reads in college?), I would take a drive around town and clear my head. I fully recommend this to anyone. Also, a quick run would be nice, but I do not run in the dark as I am clumsy enough.

Today, I am feeling totally inspired by Mary & Russel Wright's Guide to Easier Living. I found this gem while in an antique store in Seattle last Summer. It is the coolest book filled with hand drawn images and orthographic photos of the ideal mid-century home. How can you not be inspired?

This book was the precursor to Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, which I also own. Only, Martha doesn't draw, and she does not show sample floor plans to keep your home organized. Gotta love the Wrights. 

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