18 January, 2012

Lauren Elan Love

January is always so busy busy and full of agendas, Outlook Calenders, catching up, cleaning out, etc. So I usually dress pretty simple during the colder months, lots of black, lots of tights and boots. You can see me in this today actually, as it has become my absolute uniform. One thing I always try to throw on is a chunky piece of jewelry, to add a bit of WOW factor to my otherwise lackluster and uninspired (Read: EASY) uniform. I am really loving these gorgeous pieces from jewelry designer Lauren Elan

I can totally see myself wearing these well into the Summer with an easy maxi dress and sandals...cocktail in hand, of course.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

beautiful jewelry! I will have to check her out. I'm especially captivated by the last colorful piece :)

xo Stephanie
honey & silk blog

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