23 January, 2012

Fight Gone Mad

I told you I was a trendy bitch right? 

Well, now I have up and joined a Crossfit {inspired} gym, Fight Gone Mad

Ways to describe FGM:

It is absolutely the MOST fun I have ever had while getting my ass handed to me. 
It is the absolute best time I have had without a glass of wine in my hand.
Once you start, you can't stop (like Pringles, less calories).

Take your pick.

Either way, I got in a full body, kick my butt up and down the street 25-minute workout, and I feel all warm and fuzzy from it. 

So why fighting like mad? Well,  a few weeks ago I was reading something with Bob Harper from Biggest Loser fame (der) and he was speaking to the amazing effectiveness of Crossfit on the body. Like, mentioning it several times in the article (aside to the audience: right now I am dodging my cat's teeth as she is biting my fingers at the keyboard... she loves me?). And while I was reading it, I realized how scared I had been of box jumps and kettle bell swings...and that's when I knew I had to try it out.

 What was I so scared of? Oh falling on my face off of a big piece of wood? {insert joke here}

Hell, yes I was scared. And I still am.  I sort of walk in every time with a bit of a fear "am I going to be able to finish the workout", "will I die here"? 

Y'all know, I have absolutely NEVER been an athlete. Everything I am and have physically, I have worked my butt off for it. Do you ever see those runners who seem to glide seamlessly across the pavement? And have you ever seen those people on the side of the road who look like they are about to lose their lunch and are spitting into their shirt (because they can't spit right, OK!) and they are red faced and about to die from a 2-miler? 

I am what's behind door #2. 

So for now, this new experience is a real sense of accomplishment. I am not doing this so I will look better on the beach, well partly. I am doing this because I want to be strong. I have always known I am stronger emotionally, when I am stronger physically. 

Shoving weights around, rowing, long jumping, and pull ups (assisted, who am I, Arnold?). I feel like a real badass. Don't ruin it for me, go with it. 

It is definitely not for everyone. But right now, it's right for me. I have put my comfortable, trusty yoga mat aside and picked up a kettle bell. And with that, I have put away some fear and picked up some newfound confidence. I think I am sort of addicted, now. 

world, watch out! 


Jessie said...

Oh my goodness. My arms are dying from this workout! I definitely got my butt handed to me last night and I can't wait to go back on Wednesday.

Sarahkbaucom said...

Yay Jessie! It was so much fun! I took yesterday as a rest day :) Hope to see you there soon!

jen said...

i want to go with!!!!!!

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