04 January, 2012

Create January: 4/31 Hot Fudge Sundae Birthday {mini} Cupcakes

Last week my best friend in the world came in town for the holidays. Since her birthday is the day after Christmas, I wanted to bake her something special to celebrate the big 2-8!

I decided on these mini Hot Sundae Birthday Cupcakes based on this recipe, since they looked so adorable and festive!

They were absolutely delicious and a big hit! 

We don't drink milk with our desserts in this house, we drink champagne!



Cee Cee said...

These babies look so delicious! Did you make it from scrap? 

Ceecee's Inspirations Blog

Sarah said...

OF course!!

Liliana Cardoso said...

They look so hummy. bet your friend loved it!


Lily from http://secretsofa-girl.blogspot.com/

Caramellitsa said...

hi! thank you so much for your message in ifb and for following my blog i appreciate it so much!
these cupcakes look so yummy!!!! you have a very nice blog i tried to follow you on google but it doeasnt open i dont know why i re freshed the page several times..i ll try again later but  i followed you on twitter too :)

happy blogging dear! my best wishes for 2012 :DD

Marialyssa said...

You have interesting blog. I'm your newest follower from IFB, looking forward for more posts


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