02 January, 2012

Create January 2/31: Necklace Makin'

Today's Create January post is one that I have put on the back burner for months. It is so simple, but I have about a billion pieces of broken costume necklaces, bracelets and earrings that have been BEGGING to be fixed up!

Since I am a hoarder by nature, I keep these broken trinkets in hopes of one day finding the time, patience or the inspiration to do something with them. 

A small stash of my ever growing collection of misfit jewelry:

A lot of this jewelry was my grandmother's, as she had a billion pieces of costume jewelry. I cannot remember her ever going a day without coordinating brooches, earrings, and necklace. She liked fancy. 
When she passed away almost four years ago (on Valentine's Day), I only wanted her costume jewelry collection. My mom handed it over to me in multiple bags on one condition, I do something with it, repurpose the pieces into something spectacular. Well, I guess now is a good time to start learning how to make jewelry (ahem, four years later).

I have had this single earring that lost its match one day at a party for about two years. I really really loved these earrings, and I couldn't part with the single gold disc. I decided today that it was time to change it into a gold necklace, since I wear them almost everyday. Sidenote: who wears silver anymore?

My supplies:

  • vintage (broken) gold chain
  • lonely gold disc earring
  • 7mm gold jump rings (Michael's)
  • gold toggle clasps (Michael's)
  • krazy glue (didn't end up using, but always a good thing to have in your DIY toolbox!)
  • round nose jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutter (right)
  • 10 minutes

  1. Open one jump ring with round nose pliers and hook to gold earring and close opening. This is also a good time to measure this necklace around your neck and decide what length it should be. With wire cutter, trim necklace to desired length.

2. Decide that you might look too much like Mr. T, and go for the horizontal look. Carve mini hole on opposite side of jump ring (with kitchen butcher knife, be careful). Hook second jump ring in new hole with pliers.

3. Take two more jump rings and place at opposite ends of the chain. Then clasp toggle pieces to opposite jump rings. 

4. Try it on. Have husband take a picture of you, get embarrassed. Photoshop acne. Love necklace.

So I am no jewelry artist, yet. But, it was fun trying it out for the day! And I got a new necklace with junk that has been lying around my house! Win.Win.


Erin said...

i need to come down for some of this jewelry action. and just for some sarah time.

Tamara B said...

Great DIY, I can't wait to try it! I love this post :)

Necklace said...

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Minty said...

Love your necklace - you definitely have some flair! The horizontal look looks fab!

x Minty

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