20 December, 2011

Merry Christmas to ME

So things have been pretty busy lately for my family. My mom kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I swore to her that I would send an email with my mile long list. The truth is, I guess I don’t really want anything…aside from a new kitchen.

Since my mother thinks that new countertops and backsplash isn’t  very “christmas-y”, I was forced (FORCED I tell you) to pick out some things.



//Tory Burch Amanda Hobo//


//Soia & Kyo Fara Jacket//


//Gorjana Taner Earrings//


41vrMNM8HSL._SL160_ (1)//Adia Kibur Necklace//


z-elizabeth-and-james-paloma-dress//Elizabeth and James Paloma Dress//


See? I don’t ask for much…

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