22 December, 2011

Holiday Food Ideas

This year I am actually more excited about the days after Christmas as we have lots of plans to get together and spend quality time with our friends. Right now family time pretty much equals me losing my patience, temper, and letting out some tears. Pretty typical for me really.
Anywho, I am planning on making some fun appetizers and treats (Have the SWEETS arrived yet?) to celebrate fun get togethers and of course, the NC State Bowl Game that we are attending (Best Wife EVER, right here).
I am checking out these fun and festive options for some winter treats:
Definitely not a new thing for me, as I was sort of crazy about Jello shots in college. However, with some vanilla vodka and pretty sprinkles, these look very grown up. You know, as grown up as Jello shots can be…
Powdered sugar and chocolate. My pants are already tight but one won’t hurt…
chocolate-crinkle-cookies (1)
I just learned how to make caramels. My first two batches of Lavender Caramels taught me a lot about this candy making thing. First, you have to know how to read a thermometer. Second, you have to read directions and follow them correctly. Third, this is the most important, you have to have patience to sit and wrap each one of these suckers individually. One batch took me about 45 minutes just to wrap them up!!
 I guess I haven’t learned my lesson with this tedium  because these look awesome, especially dipped in dark chocolate and smothered with love.
155 caramel
Because you gotta get some nutrients…
What are y’all fixin this week?

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Those powdered sugar chocolate cookies are making me think of when you would make puppy chow for breakfast! Mmmm those were the days. I'm hosting Christmas Eve at my house, and the menu also includes a homemade hummus...and my butternut squash soup!

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