18 December, 2011

Indiana is Fun

Ryan and I are finally back from a whirlwind 48 hour trip to the exciting town of Columbus, Indiana. We visited with my grandparents and aunt who has been staying there for a few weeks. It was a wonderful trip and I am so happy that we decided to make the trip. It was a very special time, and my grandmother got a little teary eyed when we hopped back in the car yesterday morning.

I did not take any pictures, instead we just reveled in relaxing family time and helping out where we could. Oh and I drank a few bottles of this with my aunt:

It is a bit more expensive than $3-buck chuck from TJ's, but wow it was delicious and so easy! I actually never got a hangover. This stuff might be from heaven?

And there was a 5-mile run on Friday. Indiana is the flattest land in the world and I could have gone forever, but dinner needed to be made.

Ryan honestly could not have been cooler about hanging out inside of the house for a few days. I cannot emphasize enough how good of a sport he is.

Unfortunately, we got  home a bit late and I was super exhausted last night and we were unable to celebrate annual Christmas parties with our dearest friends.

So for me, today call your grandmother or great aunt. Tell them you were thinking of them. It doesn't have to be sappy "I am so grateful for you in my life" calls...just one that lets them know you really do consider them a part of your life.

It is so easy to say "I will come visit you next year", but how often do we actually follow through with this? Go ahead, plan the visit. Buy the plane tickets. You will not regret this.

Now I am off to "pick out" a super secret Christmas present for my mom! Hopefully I will have pictures this afternoon! 

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