12 December, 2011

Another Moment

I bet y’all have like, really missed me right?

I miss you, too.

Remember my post about my aunt? She is in the middle of tons of radiation and chemo, so please keep her in your thoughts. This has become a supremely difficult holiday season.

Another reason? My grandfather’s doctors have just told the family that at this point, Hospice is the only option. However, the Keach clan isn’t good at hearing no, so no plans have been made for now.

Due to all of these family situations, I am a bit emotionally exhausted at this point.

On Thursday, I am planning on making the drive (yes, drive) up to Indiana with my dad to see my grandfather for a few days.

I am unsure how to end this post, I guess we all go through these things. But if you could, spare a few moments and send some positive and healing energy to every one that YOU love today. Because the thing is, (I know you don’t start sentences with “because” Ryan!) you never ever know what someone else is going through at this moment.

Isn’t that what this season is all about anyway? No matter what you believe in or how you decorate your house.

Be kind. Be selfless.


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