11 November, 2011

Winter Colors

I have mentioned about a million times that I love the bright color block. I tried it out with my closet a few weeks ago. Remember, I ended up looking like a freaking candy corn?
I love this look from J.Crew, so fresh for Winter. Who says Winter=all black?
As a designer, if I see something and like it, I take a moment and step back I attempt to dissect what it is about the image that I like. What drew me here?

For this catalog picture a la J. Crew, I love the brightness of the colors. I love how the bright hues play off of eachother and create a sort of color buzz. Do you see what I see? I have to admit I also really love the model's hair. Mine has been utterly out of control lately.


So...who wants to buy me that scarf?

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