03 November, 2011


Since I have such an insanely long day on Wednesdays (I am sitting in class from 8:30AM-9:30PM), I decided yesterday that I needed a little “pick me up”. And no, I did not fill my coffee tumbler with vodka (although, I have thought about it many times). I wore my gold sparkly TOMS all day! I originally bought them for our wedding reception, but never ended up wearing them. Yesterday they were peeking at me from inside the depth of my closet “wear me” they called. Honestly, I had a moment of “should I”? Could I pull these off? For some reason, they sort of remind me of SK8R boys (yeah Avril). By the way, do skaters still exist? Or have they gone by the wayside hand in hand with goths? Ok, I shall save my social commentary for another time.

So I wore them

And I cannot tell you how many people complimented me. Turns out (as suspected) that sequins make every one happy.


TOMS Glitter Shoes


All of the love of my glitter TOMS has sparked the beginning of my sure to be long as sin Christmas list.

Item #1: These pants by Pencey. I would call them the “party starter” pantaloons.  I cannot imagine where I wouldn’t wear these:


Pencey sequin pants

Aren’t these wonderful? They remind me of Liberace!

And who doesn’t want to look like Liberace?


Or Ke$ha. Although, I would rather look like Liberace.

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