29 November, 2011

A Moment

Good Tuesday to my lovely friends.

I just wanted to pop in and share a little bit of what is going on in my life right now.

A few weeks ago, my Aunt Anne was diagnosed with lung cancer. I really avoid talking about these things on my blog,  but I wanted to let my friends know why I have been so aloof. You may remember when she threw me my very Southern and lovely bridal shower here.

I cannot really express how this makes me feel. Partly because I am so busy right now and have yet to allow myself to fully feel the magnitude of what this all means. And mostly, because it truly breaks my heart to think of my world without this delightful and genuine woman. My Aunt Anne has taught me how to bake, cook, can, jam, and most importantly, love my family with an open heart full unconditional love.

I have been baking her quick breads of all types in between my ridiculous projects and presentations,  but the truth is...it has been a really hard few weeks. Like I said, I don't really talk about it much because as much as I do cry, I don't always want to. I will not make this a series of "updates" or anything like that because again, this aint that sort of blog. I never even mentioned my brother's kidney cancer from earlier this year. Life sucks sometimes, but this blog has sort of always just been a collection of articles and pictures from my silly little life that make me happy....

So please forgive me...give me a few days. I have also been thinking about giving up the blog world. I mean, who even cares, right? There are millions of more organized, creative and inspirational girl blogs out there...who am I? So yeah, damn I am a real bummer today. Sorry!

I do ask that you send some positive thoughts to my Aunt Anne today as it is her birthday. Let's hope for many, many more.

Lastly, when events like this occur in life, it is really easy to only see what is happening inside your world. But I also ask that you send positive thoughts to my bf Amy's Aunt today as well, as she is now mostly likely in need of a heart transplant.

I will be back, just give me a few days!



Amy said...

love you

laura back said...

sweet sarah - all of us who are following you do care, so please keep blogging, keep inspiring, keep enjoying life (and sharing it), keep updating us.  but do it for YOU.  after all, you don't really do it for us anyway, right?!  it seems it's a healthy way to get all that's in your head out there and if we happen to be on the fray to serve as witnesses to your joy, your sadness, your grief and can somehow participate and be of comfort... that's enough, i think.  i am so sorry to hear about your beloved aunt.  i'll be thinking about her and saying a prayer, but, most importantly, i'll keep holding you in a special place.  prayers and peace and hugs for you!  namaste, friend, lhb

Katie (Sweet Tater) said...

so sorry, sarah. thinking about you and your family.

(don't stop blogging.)

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