15 November, 2011

Things I bought that I love



Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)


Do I need to explain? This book has made me laugh out loud so many times. Is it going to save the world? Eh, probably not. But it does serve as an amazing distraction from every day life.  Also, Mindy Kaling is super smart and funny and I believe fully that we would be best friend if she would just tweet me back. Bitch.

Nixon Dynasty Bracelet Watch



I get sucked into online shopping. Thanks Gilt for providing me with a reason to refresh my computer at 11:59 AM

Vince Camuto Flavian Boots


These are totally beautiful (and affordable!), I am in love.

Joes Jeans Jeggings*


*So I know that “skinny” styles are more Fall 2011 but let me say something. If you are a lady without a rear (ahem, me) then these jeggings are a god-send. They are the perfect thickness and stretch. Too much thick and I can’t sit down. Too much stretch, and I look like a chunky monkey. Also, these are pull-ons. So I feel like a 5 –year old. Win? I know own 3 pairs of these bad boys and wear them pretty much daily, sort of like a hipster uniform, if you will.

Urban Outfitters Infinity Scarf


Seriously y’all this scarf is perfect. It has some really beautiful blues and pinks, but yet looks sophisticated (I just typed sofisticated…eek). And it goes with EVERYTHING. I get a million trillion compliments on it every single day.


Have y’all bought anything lately that totally rocks? I am always looking for something to spend my savings on…

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bad joan said...

Love the gold watch and the boots!


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