18 November, 2011

Friday Glam

Frost on the ground? Are you kidding me? I used to hate this because I am female and always cold, but now I really hate the early morning frost because I have to walk our little Beazley. FYI, we never call him Beazley. It is always “Beazle, The Beaz, Beazelbub (when he’s bad), or my favorite Beazley C. Baucom (he shares the middle name Clinton with his daddy).


the Beaz enjoying the finer things in life: blankets, dirty socks and baby voices.

I figured that some of y’all might be dealing with some of these feelings this morning as well. So I bring you some Friday Random Glam. Think of me as your “fairy random glam-mother”?

pants tumblr_ltqw6dWlW61qehzu2o1_500  tumblr_lupzjnGwB91qcmo9qo1_500






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