08 November, 2011

Florence Welch Q+A

Could she be any cooler?

114535867JS010_Florence_And Nope

Could I be more obsessed with her new album?

cere Nope (It’s amazing! Go get it, NOW)

Can I be best friends with her and Karl Lagerfeld?

Florence Welch Karl Lagerfeld Poses Chanel AUNQtWWmoOBl Hopefully, one day.

Do I sound like I have a “big ole lesbian crush” on her?

(Mean Girls reference. If you caught that, you are awesome.)



What can I say, she’s fierce.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

She is pretty awesome. Sadly I'm not that familiar with her music. A situation that should be remedied as so many people seem to love her.

Love her dresses. GORGEOUS!

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