08 November, 2011


Did you read my post from yesterday? I pledged to post at least ONE inspirational thing every day. Haven’t you always wondered how I tick? What goes on in my brain every day? I thought so…

This morning at the gym, I was watching music videos while climbing my butt off on the Stairmaster (which I have been oddly loving lately?). I still listen to my own music, but I like to watch the videos. I sort of feel like a bit of a creeper for admitting that. If anyone asks, its for research.

The Beyonce video for Countdown is totally cute. I am just now listening to the song. I love it already. I am a big fan of Beyonce, and to me she can do no wrong. Truth. But if you were asking my favorite Beyonce song? Bootylicious…hands down.

My favorite part about the Beyonce video? Of course the Funny Face/Audrey Hepburn reference. If you have never seen Funny Face, you should add it to your queue tonight. Audrey in Paris, people dancing like a Beatnik..CLASSIC!


Audrey Hepburn funny face 50s black polo neck beatnikdancing white socks

Get the look:


{1. Bohemian Manifesto; 2. Benefit Magic Ink Eyeliner; 3. Bailey 44 Sweater; 4. Chanel No. 5; 5. Eugenia Kim Leopard Beret; 6. Robert Clergerie Joton Loafers; 7. Pucci Silk Scarf; 8. J.Crew Cafe Capri; 9. Missoni Striped Socks}

.I love how classic and simple the “all black Beatnik” ensemble looks. All you need now is a cigarette. But not a real one, maybe one of those faux cigarettes from your local mall kiosks. I mean, someone has got to be buying these, right?


Hannah said...

My favorite look of all time! Gonna have to check out that video. Do you remember the Gap commercial from a decade ago where they were introducing their skinny black pant and reworked that Audrey video? Awesome!

laura back said...

so... you *know* how much i love this, don't you?!?  and, of course, love today's (11/17) post about fred baby.  that's the coolest.  i'm still the beatnik most days...  sounds like you're getting your mo-jo back, sarah... can't wait to see how it turns out!  :) lhb

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