25 October, 2011

Frame Wall

I love how frame walls can look awesome with no real rhyme or reason. I am currently collecting things for our Master Suite hallway and gathering as much inspiration as my little brain can handle. Pinterest to the rescue, again!

tumblr_lt7vgatkKL1qig3uro1_500 237031434_5zXTvDm0_c tumblr_lrtyduUDwh1qig3uro1_400 



I think what makes Frame Walls so great is that they look fabulous with really offbeat framed objects and pictures! I am also a big fan of the asymmetrical walls.

What do you think? A sense of order or chaos?

1 comment:

Catherine said...

As surprising as this may be, I also favor asymmetrical walls... In fact, I'm hoping I can hire you (or bribe you with gifts) to help me with one once we have the living room windows done?! 

LOVE the hallway filled with red frames!

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