08 September, 2011

Messy Ballerina Bun

As Fall encroaches in on my personal space, I am finding the days busier and the time for my normal 5-minute beauty routine shortened to the basics. Yeah, I said 5 minutes. Have you seen my hair? Most days there is little hope, so if I spend more than 5 minutes, I am just wasting my precious time.

I am a bun freak. Most of the time, it is for convenience sake. Or when Mother Nature decides to throw massive amounts of humidity my way. I combat it with one hundred bobby pins, a lot of cursing, and some hair spray. Done and Done.

Lately I have been really loving the messy ballerina bun look. I like to think I have this whole “messy look” perfected.

The secret? Dirty Hair + a little bit of flying by the seam of your pants. Enjoy!

Don’t know how to pull this off? YouTube + the ever Fabulous B. Jones to the rescue:


What? You can’t stream videos at work? Then check out Cup of Jo’s step-by-step pic tutorial.


What would you do without my help? You would continue to go around with boring hair, that’s what.

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