20 September, 2011

John Loecke Designs

As I continue on my design journey, I am often plagued by “what will sell” and “what I want to design”. I love the whole “Cottage Living” look as much as the next Southern gal, but at my core I am much more of a wild child. I am absolutely enchanted with these images of John Locke’s Brooklyn Tudor row house turned design studio that he shares with partner Jason Oliver. Both are obsessed with wallpaper, sometimes using more than two-three patterns per room. This home is pure joy and is inspiring me to go beyond the monochromatic. I am also loving the insane amount of Chintz in this space. How fun is that??
wall1 wall5 wall4 wall3 wall2
“For us, boring is death; we want the eye to be constantly engaged,”- Oliver
{source: NYMag}
Want more from the design duo? Check out their blog, Demystifying Design!
These spaces scream to me “Go out and live today with curiosity and a child-like exploration”. I will do just that :)

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