27 September, 2011

Image Overload

I am a self proclaimed Blog Addict. I have a Pinterest obsession. Curling up with a new magazine is one of my favorite ways to unwind. I collect images, DIY projects. I blog, tweet, pin, tumblr, flickr, houzz. I am sure there are more…

I am an image whore.

There, I said it. It feels good. But also a bit scary.

I fear that maybe it is all too much? I mean, when you do stop looking through and collecting images and start applying these great ideas? I not only feel like this about images, but music as well. With my newfound boyfriend, Spotify, I am constantly “collecting” new music. Will we ever be satisfied?

Now with that being said, get your butt back to work!

I feel that this post just got a bit Demetri Martin-esque. Think about it.

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