29 September, 2011

A Day in The Life

My day so far:

5:00 AM: Press snooze on my alarm, decide sleeping and cuddling will make me happier than the gym

7:15 AM: Struggle with my  hair. Thinking I should have washed it sometime this week. No time for shower, I am grateful for the top knot. Swear to myself to get another Keratin treatment.

7:30 AM:  Spill the last of the coffee grinds into the sink. Don't worry, I salvaged some, good thing I do not own a restaurant, that would seriously go against any sanitary codes.

7:37 AM: Chug dirty coffee 

8:00 AM:  I then proceeded to unknowingly  leave my debit card in the ATM. 

8:30 AM: Arrive to work way late. Make some sordid excuse to dad, again. Pretend to work

10:00 AM: Get excited to see that Joshua James and HoneyHoney are coming to Evening Muse next week. Proceed to buy tickets, only to realize my debit card was left at the ATM hours earlier. Buy tickets with credit card

10:30 AM: Cancel debit card and become instantly grateful that I will spend less money without it this weekend

10:45 AM: Convince husband to be my date for JJ and HH next week. 

10:50-11:45 AM: Gchat, twitter and Google Reader take over my life, again. 

11:45 AM: Go home for lunch and to assemble our slow cooker dinner. 

11:50 AM: Reheat and chug more sink coffee

12:25-1:00PM: Attempt to get unruly dog into crate. 

1:05 PM: Realize efforts are futile and take dog to work

1:20 PM: Evil glares from my boss for bringing said dog to work

1:25 PM: Explain to coworkers that Beazley is really sweet after he barks his little snaggle toothed head off. Tell them all to give him their dirty socks. Beazley receives no socks or new friend requests.

1:45 PM: Begin on mile-long to do list

Hope you are having a more productive Thursday than this girl.

Side Note: I just wrote Monday instead of Thursday and had to re-evaluate my life.


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