06 September, 2011



Thank you all for being so very patient while I collect my words and thoughts.


Announcing that you are plunging head first into your dreams is a very daunting task.


I have made an appointment. I am officially obtaining my business license on Friday morning.


I will now be Sarah K. Baucom, business owner.


Sarah K. Baucom, payer of more taxes.


Sarah K. Baucom, follower of dreams.


Sarah K. Baucom, Interior Designer.


My original plan was to hold out until after school was out but something (client) has pushed me to obtain this, since apparently all of the Mac daddy things are available to the trade only. Well, “Trade”. here I come!





Sweettaterblog said...

get it, girl!

Lindsey viens said...

Sarah!  Congratulations!  That is awesome news.  I'm so excited for you!

Jen said...

you are awesome! i am so very excited for you. it's a big year!!!!!

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