19 August, 2011

Ready for the big news?

I have revealed many fun and exciting news updates on Silver Lining Avenue:

Remember that time we brought Jenny home?

And then came our amazing Engagement Photos

Followed by: the BEST day of our lives.

I want to apologize for the friends that I have yet to tell about this life-altering earth-shattering news but things have sort of developed rather quickly...

Things are about to change in a BIG way in the Baucom household because (keep reading)

Ryan and I are becoming parents!!

We are adopting a DOG!

World, meet Beazley C. Baucom:

We are so excited to be doggie parents!!! More pictures to come this weekend as Beazley arrives tomorrow morning!!

And if you have any advice, please send it this way...we have no idea what we are getting ourselves into :)

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