09 August, 2011

Poster Art

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I grabbed a drink with his boss and wife. We laughed as we talked about his boss’ love for a good poster in his house. The problem? He hated to frame them. For some reason, the thought of a grown man tacking up posters felt so funny to me, so college-like, right? To each his own??

However, I also love a good poster. In fact, we have plenty of posters in our home (all framed, of course). My husband and I are big ole indie music hipsters at heart and we both have a great affection for the often kitschy aesthetics of our favorite bands’ posters. I originally became inspired by “posters as artwork” when I saw the Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era exhibition at the Whitney Museum in NYC back in 2007. The walls full of vibrant Masse prints moved me to reconsider my thoughts on printed art.

Poster Cabaret has an amazing collection of artworks at really really amazing prices. If you are in the market for some poster art, I would highly recommend the site! I love Blanca Gomez’s artwork featured on the site, we actually have one in our Dining Room!
EleanorTiger  JimBank  BlancaSmoker  TadDecemberists1 TadDecFlapper KenBlackKeysDoubleNatPrint    
Also, check out this cool DIY poster art tutorial via A Beautiful Mess <----One of my all time fav blogs!!

What do you think of “posters as art”? Is it too child-like or is it too cool?
See more of my favorites after the JUMP!

BikeBlanca2011 DianaBreakfast2

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