23 August, 2011

The Modern Gray Nursery

First of all, thank you to everyone who wished me a ‘Happy Birthday’ this weekend!!! We had a very full weekend and now I am very excited to just get thinks back in order (read: I am a control freak). Being loved is a beautiful thing!

Things feel so different this Fall, as so many people we know are having babies, or are planning for more! This is a contrast to the past couple of years that were filled with engagements and weddings. It has been truly amazing to see people ‘grow up’ and become fabulous parents!

In celebration of  “the year of the baby”, I have compiled some stunning modern nurseries.  I am especially in love the use of gray, as it can grow with the kids and is generally ‘gender neutral’.I know gray is pretty trendy right now, but I still believe it will hold up for quite a while. At least I hope it does, since about 50% of our  home is currently covered in grays :)

Although these are nurseries, I would live in any of these rooms. Well, I would probably bring in a big girl bed.

Lucky babies…

The Gray Modern Nursery:



On that note, Mrs.. Mo is getting so close!! I cannot wait to meet my niece! C’mon HLM, we are patiently anxiously waiting!!!

P.S. Does anyone else remember the ‘baby’ Winnie The Pooh nursery trend? I am so glad that is over (it is over, right?).


Amy said...

A few things...
Mo can't wait to meet her Dr. Aunt Sarah
I LOVE the gray with peachy/orange accents.
I thought the Winne the Pooh trend would never go away.  Thank the good Lord we have prevailed!

Jen said...

i LOVE these gray nurseries. say no to pink and blue!

Kelly @foodiefresh said...

Yay! I finally added you to my Google reader!  I love that nurseries are now more chic.  It just makes me even more excited to decorate my own one day.  As much as I love him, I'll take a simple chandelier and fun prints over Winnie the Pooh any day. 

Sarah said...

Yay, it's about time ;) 

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