03 August, 2011

Mile Long List of DIYs


I have no shame in how much I peruse the interwebs daily. I am constantly inspired and think to myself “I want to do that” or “I bet I could make that this weekend”. Unfortunately, just as sudden as these thoughts and good intentions appear, they evaporate as work and other projects make their way to the forefront of my life.

I have decided: NO MORE Mile long list of un-completed DIY projects.  Or…at least I will keep my list organized on Silver Lining Ave! That actually sounds more like it!

Here are some projects that I am really craving to get my hands on:

1. Eames Hang-It-All Coat Rack via Thompson Family:

eames rack

2.  Painted-Chevron Rug via Centsational Girl:


3. DIY Anthropologie Tea Cup Lamp via Vintage Revivals:


4. DIY Upholstered Headboard for our Master Bedroom via Design Sponge:

I have written about this before and I STILL want to get to it, hopefully soon!!! I think about it every single night when I crawl into bed!!


5. Jewelry Organizer Bust via Design Sponge (again, I am pretty obsessed with DS!!!) This is just too cool!


7. So random, but I really want to make Vegan Donuts one lazy Sunday morning…via Vegan Yum Yum


I know there are about one million more where this list comes from…so I have decided to dedicate a page to all of the projects to be. It will most likely include a never ending list of coolness, but I hope to cross some of them off the list this year.

What are you dying to DIY??? I am always up for new ideas/inspiration!!


Catherine said...

I love the headboard & jewelry organizer... so fun!  Am going to attempt to reupholster my headboard soon too :)

Can't wait to see your DIY 'afters'!

Melanie said...

Love that coat rack! 

Renee Sandoval said...

I like these DIY projects, especially the jewelry organizer..i could really use one of those myself! Lately I've been DIYing friendship bracelets, I know it's nothing that awesome, but my friends sure seem to enjoy it. & I'm planning on posting a tutorial of how I make them once I get my good camera back from being fixed. Ohh, another DIY idea for you, I always thought those food gift jar things were cool..like these i found on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/lavishsweetsboutique?ref=ls_profile
hope you like these ideas :)


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