16 August, 2011

Let there be light!

Understanding how light can change the mood of a space is crucial for any designer. You can have the most beautiful and colorful space, but without being cast in the right light, everything can look off.

Hillary Petrie’s (of Egg Collective) New Orleans apartment is a fabulous example on how natural light pouring through the windows can make a home glow from within. Enjoy!!

3_heidi 5_heidi 7_heidi 9_heidi  1_heidi 2_heidi


{images via Design Sponge}

Isn’t that first image absolutely stunning? I often keep our blinds closed, but there are many a day where I swing open the curtains and let the light pour in. One of my favorite weekend activities is cuddling up on the sofa, reading a magazine with the room illuminated by natural light! And you know I love the use of the Eames chairs :)


Sarah said...

Jessie, I bet you could find one at Ikea :)

Jessie said...

I want a desk just like that. Some thing simple with a sleek drawer underneath. I can only wish for windows in my next home. It's so bright!

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