12 August, 2011

Happy Weekend

Images to send you on your way to the sweetest weekend

leamichelehb09113tumblr_lozbekjMKp1qf2etvo1_500 OHFPR


6FTne blueberrybourboncocktail2


{images via Art Pixie, My Fiance Loves it, & Studded Hearts}

Song to kick off the weekend: Back to Black by Amy Winehouse


Daniela said...

that second dress is incredible! valentino, right? xx

Sarah said...

You know it! It is so unique!

Federica said...

WOW,these images are simply adorable!!!Thanks honey for the positive energy!!!
Happy Tuesday!

Sarah said...

Aww thank you!! I have been so busy to reply...so Happy Wednesday to you!!

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