16 August, 2011

Chickpea Blondies and Black Bean Brownies

I am not a food blogger. I tried that…I gave it up about as soon as I started it. I found out soon that I couldn't half-ass a blog. However, I am still incredibly passionate about health and fitness. I eat as “clean” as I can about 95% of the time. I have incredible will power (until the rum cream comes out to play). Hate me.

I come up with all sort of concoctions in my kitchen and make Ryan try them all. He is pretty honest and easy to please and has only totally hated a handful of things I have made. These include: zucchini boats, my first few attempts at tofu, a potato soup incident, and dessert hummus. Oh man does he hate dessert hummus. 

On Sunday afternoon, I had an itch to make some healthified Chickpea Blondies. You see, we have been trying to cut out excess gluten in our home for a few weeks and I felt we both deserved a little something sweet. I used Chocolate Covered Katie’s famous recipe with a few substitutions (used Sunflower Seed butter, more vanilla…small tweaks). They are pretty delicious, but I did not take a picture of them…delicious, but ugly delicious (ugly delicious is a brother to the ‘ugly cry’), so I swiped this pic from CCK. Thanks CCK for this recipe + picture.


I also enjoyed some BBB a few weeks ago. That is Black Bean Brownies to you, sir. Turns out, I am a bean loving machine.

I used this recipe and I stole this picture. Man, some people really know how to take pics of food!


Does that sound totally gross to you? Would you try these suckers out? You should! They are packed with protein and fiber (oh yea, fiber…the good stuff).

P.S. Have you checked out my friend Jill’s healthy living blog? You should do that, too.


dandoon02 said...

so, i know theres chocolate in the blondies but im really wondering how sweet it actually is? id love to try it out! i love chickpeas and i looove sweets! :) thanks for the recipes!


Jen said...

you know, i just can't get on board with putting beans in my baked goods for some reason...maybe you'll let me sample some of yours and i'll become a convert? ;)

Sarah said...

They are pretty much as sweet as you want them to be. I did not add that much sugar into mine because I like to smother them in almond butter. Def more savory than a 'real' blondie, but a great snack!!

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