25 August, 2011

Adler for Cheap!

I am obsessed with going into Jonathan Adler stores, I wish we had one in Charlotte! Every time we visit a big city* with a store, I make sure to make a special pilgrimage!  I love picking through the cheerful space and dreaming about having an entire menagerie set one day. Until then, the HSN (um, Home Shopping Network for those of us without cable and sleep apnea) has collaborated with Adler to create a chic and fun accessory line. Here are a few of my picks:


I bet the Wedded Whittaker hearts that Greek Key Throw!!


Kim said...

Thats awesome! I love the china and blanket. Need to check it out for sure. 

Sarah said...

Yes! The prices are so good! I  think the collection is expanding this Fall!!

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