10 July, 2011

Weekend Fun-Part 1

Rarely (if ever) am I a weekend blogger. There is one big reason for this: I blog while I am at work. Blogging is great at work because it makes me look as if I am intensely researching something for my construction company. Y'all know I work for a General Contractor, right? Now you know! Pretty exciting stuff. Actually, I really enjoy the whole 'watching something being built' thing (obviously). One day (hopefully next year) I will start my own Interiors business (read about my business plan/dream here), but for now "this will do".

My Saturday began with this face:

Bailey, our sweet pig/dog niece

...and these ladies (plus my trusty Beatles coffee mug):

Sidenote: how slender have recent Lucky mags been? 

After my fill of junk reads, I was ready to browse through some real junk and found myself at our famous local antique mall, The Sleepy Poet:

The Poet is pretty close to our house and is a great place to sort of pal around in on a lazy day.
Although, these days I much prefer antique fairs and flea markets. The prices are usually a lot cheaper, and I love learning from the vendors. 

Click through the jump to find the items I found and loved!

Pink steamer trunk. And the can on top was pretty bad ass, too. This trunk would make a great cocktail table or could sit at the end of a guest bed!

Oh look, Kelly Wearstler's plate wall art found its way to Charlotte

Obligatory botanical prints (ahem, overpriced 2 for over $100!)

Sweet old school phonograph

 Brass detailed bed frame

Small decorative vase. I love the colors on this. It really reminded me of those glass dishes from Anthropologie

My newest obsession: gold chain bags (this was $9!)

Accordion, looks like a piece of the Sleep No More decor

Red-orange phone:functional and cute! Isn't it weird to think that our future children will have no idea what these are?

And this beautiful preppy striped umbrella. It really reminded me of Marc Jacobs' Simone Stripe Dress:

Have a great Sunday! Go out and find some inspiration!

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Chrysa said...

Beautiful antiques! The pink trunk and the floral vase are cute!
I hope everything turns well with your future plans:)

Following you now on Bloglovin, I would love it if you followed me back!

Thank you in advance:)
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