25 July, 2011

Snapshots from The Emerald City

Happy Monday Party People!

I arrived back from the mildest temperatures of Seattle to the steamiest and hottest day in Charlotte late Saturday evening. I tried to get all of my posting in before I left on Tuesday, but you all know how that goes. I also thought “I can totally post while I am visiting a 5 and 6 year year old”…really? I am totally mad for thinking that I could do anything “productive” around my sweet and lively nephews, they are 100% from 6:30 AM till bedtime. No naps, no sitting, all energy!

I want to give a full rundown of my travel adventures throughout this week, but for now I will share some Instagram snapshots I took of my time in Seattle:

nathan2bud  flower1 flower2 cloudlake1flowerlogan  lake2   sarah1loganshoe   nathan3   


More to come this week!

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