12 July, 2011

Silver Lining Avenue-Unveiled

Good Morning friends! If you saw my earlier tweet, I am in an incredible mood this morning. Why? A couple of really fabulous things are going on today:

  1. I bought my ticket to see Maroon 5/Train/Gavin Degraw in August. It's almost like the concert promoters knew my all of my guilty pleasures and combined them to bring the most spectacularly tween concert experience to Charlotte! Get out of my brain/heart!
  2. BIG NEWS for this little blog: I finally bought my domain name and changed things up a bit. I love the title Silver Lining, but unfortunately all of the domains were taken, which is totally sad. This is probably a blessing in disguise though as I have been making so many interweb changes, my blog needed to grow up a bit. So may I introduce to you: Silver Lining Avenue. Sounds fancy and grown-up right? I am still making changes, so be aware that some things might get even BETTER! Please send me a message, comment or a tweet and let me know what you think, or what could be improved. I am all ears. Also, this does not mean that I will act grown-up (see item #1 for reference).
  3. I have a really fun post coming up soon (oh yeah).
  4. Excitement builds as I am searching for the perfect accessories to wear with my new favorite Sarah dress for a wedding this Saturday. 
and for your viewing pleasure, Adam Levine:

Oh I will see you soon, oh so soon.


vickichristine said...

gah! i love his face.

Sarah Baucom said...

I know, what a cutie!

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