26 July, 2011

Seattle Shopping

I love everything about Seattle shopping. Every store has its own personality, each one appears so well curated and hand picked, and I feel so special for just browsing through the racks. We stumbled upon the most beautiful organic farmer’s markets, local jewelry and textile designers, one of the best mid century antique malls I have ever seen, vegan/organic/gluten free bakeries, and some very lovely worldly boutiques. If you want to see more, click through the jump for more photos AND a list of my favorite Seattle food and shopping haunts!

 Funny things about this picture: 1. Clearly, I am wearing the boys out and they are not as interested in shopping as I am. 2. In all of Seattle, we decide to pose near artwork in front of a Cold Stone Creamery (that we did not enter). 3. This is about as good as I look when I am in the Northwest.

If I had a chair-shaped suitcase, this guy would have come home with me!!! Actually, if you find a chair-shaped suitcase, will you let me know?
Look who was on the wall at the Fremont Antique Mall: some of my best friends:

Wanna See more? (I do, I do):

My favorite Seattle shopping (note, I really love Fremont):


Emma Robertson said...

Ohh, I love Seattle! It's one of my favorite places.


Aprilia said...

Really gorgeous pictures - the food looks so delicious! :)
Haha, I remember when I was a kid and being tired from shopping!! It's the total opposite now! :D



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Sarah Baucom said...

Thank you! I really had so much fun taking pics of that amazing food! I know kids are hard to shop with, especially little boys. Luckily, I had enough motivation for everyone!

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