18 July, 2011

Scenes from an Asheville Weekend-Part 2

I am just as stunned as you all are...a Part 2 to my Part 1? This has to be a first.

The wedding was beautiful and we all had a total blast. Guess who else was there? Nope, not Santa, it was Catherine and Amy! I am so grateful for these lovely ladies in my life. They are what I call my "adult friends". You know, the friends you make after college. The friends you have to "date" to become close. Its awkward.  But it is well worth the effort to make these "adult friends". 

The farm's details looked a little like this:

And the reception:
Ah this dress, I still love it so much! 

You know good times were had by all when the white girls bring out the "finger pointing dance". 
Also, playing Spice Girls will automatically make me lose my shit and revert back to my 8th grade Posh lovin self. Win win. 


Jen said...

the dress is fabulous!!!! you look beautiful!

vickichristine said...

farm weddings are awrsome.

Wedded Whittaker said...

Are you trying to say that dating me was awkward? Me? Never :)

Also, big thanks for these dancing pictures...

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