06 July, 2011

Not-So Cheap Thrills

Remember how earlier today I was all like “OMG I like, totally love thrifty shopping”? Yeah, and then I go to my other favorite online sites: Shopbob and Net-A-Porter. If you know me well, you know that I have spent many a paychecks on Shopbop. It is still my absolute go-to, although you know, I no longer spend my paychecks there (I hate you, mortgage). Shopbop feels like my online shopping home. We have been through so much together. Geez, I am being super weird about it. Get on with the post, Sarah.

So we have wedding # 3 of the year next weekend and I would really like a new dress. Will I actually buy a new dress? Probably not, I have a fabulous Yumi Kim (pictured below to be exact) that could use another wear, but it sure is fun to look.


Yumi Kim

And then I begin to look…just look through Net-A-Porter:

166954_ou_l 160834_in_l 161167_in_l 162848_in_l 163396_in_l

Fab, right?

{Net-A-Porter finds of the day}

And the torture continues: Shopbop reigns supreme:

elija4014414731_p1_1-1_347x683 haute4003611231_p3_1-0_347x683   haute4010712867_p1_1-1_347x683maxaz2001513718_p1_1-0_347x683roryb4002236120_p1_1-0_347x683 

Thanks Shopbop for always being there for me and making me look pretty.

Love, Sarah

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