11 July, 2011

Midi Skirts-Trend Watch

Hemlines are a funny thing. One day the rage is mini, the next is maxi. I used to give away all of the clothes in my closet that were out of style, and now since I do not have an all access pass to a paid credit card (read:my dad’s), I keep things. Or I hoard them, just in case they come back into “trend”. Case in point,  today I am wearing a mid-calf white lace Trina Turk skirt I bought over six years ago. This little lady has almost been given away several times, but for some reason I have kept it. And now, I can look trendy again. Thanks hoarder Sarah and ‘good job’!
Oh and I never said I was a fashion photographer OK? So be nice. Just for reference.

I am totally digging this newest mid-calf number “retro” hemline. I know a lot of you will say “I could never wear that because I have “body issues about fill in the blank”. You can see that I do not agree with this because of my underlining AND quotations (and blatant sarcasm). I am not talking about a meat dress or a mermaid outfit people, just a mid-length lady like skirt. It is truly a breath of fresh air after years of minis. Give that sunless tanner a break!

Trust me, this is perfect office wear/look like a lady wear.

I have assembled a few of my favs for your viewing/purchasing in a variety of budgets and colors. Or maybe you will dig deep into the depths of your closets (and hearts) to find one that you purchased years ago. Hoarding rules.

See? Pretty!


Preity Lama Tamang said...

i love midi skirts ..definitely loving this trend!!

Sarah Baucom said...

I am so glad they are back, so lady-like!

Bad Joan said...

Love all the skirts you chose! Midi skirts are fabulous and love that they are in style right now!


TheMadTwins said...

I love mid-skirts so much! I already got plenty of them :)

xxx London & Paris

Sarah Baucom said...

I am so glad people are on the midi-skirt train with me!!! xx

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