27 July, 2011

Mad Men Office Interiors

If you have spoken to me in the past 12 months, you would know that my current obsession is mid century interiors, furnishings and fashions. I mostly blame my History of Furniture teacher’s contagious excitement for this newfound love of all things mid century. And what is a better way to understand the changes that happened within peoples homes in the 50s and 60s than through the very visual sets of AMC’s Mad Men?
For you super detailed historians: this is a super broad post about a general time period, and I hope to go more in depth about these 20 some years later with y’all another time. For now, I will start off in the Mid Century 101 category!

Let’s begin with the offices of the Sterling Cooper Ad Agency turned Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce agency: 

{images via:1-5; 6, 7, 8}

Main design themes: ‘futuristic’ design, vibrant orange and green, wood paneling, gracious use of natural lighting, and obsession with symmetry.

Out of the offices, my favorite space is definitely Roger Sterling’s new modern digs:


Isn’t that Op Art amazing? I think it really pulls the whole space together! I love that bar cart, too. Do you think my boss will mind if I have a bar cart in my office? Op Art Artist: Bridget Riley

{images via:1; 2; 3}

Here are two collections of items that stand out as quintessential Mad Men agency-chic:

Isn’t that bookshelf amazing? I think I have seen it, or similar versions, in every Dwell issue of the past year!!

And for those who really want to geek out (Oh me! I am a geek, pick me!), I present to you, the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Floorplan. THE FLOORPLAN, cool right? Oh yes it is. Clearly, this Mad Men geek had a lot of time on his hands, but I am grateful for his productive energy (click for larger images):

10_Oct_Mad-Men-Floorplan (1)
10_Oct_Mad-Men-3d (1)
Stay tuned for a comprehensive Mid Century Residential Post later this week!

What do you think of this style? Does it remind you too much of grandma’s house or is it totally chic?

And, I changed up the comments section a bit so it would be easier for everyone to comment. What do you think? Unfortunately, it seemed to have erased every previous comment (boooo).


Federica said...

Finally an interesting post!!!Love it,thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Finally? Ha! Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next mid century post this week :)

Rebekkaseale said...

OMG...is that like, a mushroom-cloud lamp?!

Sarah said...

Yes! It retails for about $450, but here is a similar one on etsy for less. Pretty cool, right?? http://www.etsy.com/listing/42619323/mid-century-mushroom-lamp

Survoler Blog said...

How am I just finding this out right now? 
I love mad men and I love the interior as well. I've watched it so many times that I actually  have a presentation next week in class about the choice of  interior design in the show. 
And where in the world did you find a floor plan of the office? This is BRILLIANT! 

The funny part is the Bridget Riley painting in Sterling's office. We just had a class about Op art this week and I was like, "wait a minute, I have seen something like this before". I guess it pays off to watch a little tv after all. 

Nice post! 

second office furniture london said...

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