08 July, 2011

Pickin Through Etsy

If you have a pulse, you are probably just like me and you love to scour Etsy for hours. If you are a zombie, you probably like this brain pillow.
Gosh, I get weird on Fridays. You don’t even want to see my recent Google searches.
Some salvaged goodies from Etsy today. I feel like an American Picker, but without Frank. Who likes Frank?

Oh and Happy Weekend!


Brittany of @suburbchicblog said...

Love Pickers, love Etsy...win win blog post! Haha. What are some of your fave, go-to Etsy sites?

Sarah Baucom said...

Brittany, I love so many! Skinnylaminx is great and I have some really great sellers that I used for my wedding:
Paloma's Nest (really, who doesn't love her?)
GC5 Vintage
Blanchucha for original artwork
and my fav: Untamed Petals for the GORGEOUS hair pieces :)

I plan on writing a post about my favorites from our wedding soon! Stay tuned and thanks for the comment!

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