13 July, 2011

DIY: Framed Botanical Prints (Cheap-o Edition)

Botanical prints are everywhere. I have been to so many antique markets and have seen some really gorgeous hand painted botanicals. The problem is, at most of these places, you pay by the page and this can get very expensive! I am in awe of the work that these illustrators have accomplished and if I could, I would absolutely have an amazing collection of originals.

However, my sweet (and practical) husband would probably vote for paying our mortgage over buying hand painted flower pictures. Apparently guys aren’t big into flower prints? Good news though, I really enjoy getting creative and figuring out ways to get what I want (cough).

Enter the Wildflowers of America book (available here) that I happened to spot at my last visit to the Liberty Antiques Show in Liberty, NC this Spring. I paid $7 for the whole book (after a little haggling), complete with 400 full-color pages of gorgeous botanicals. I know Mrs. Fratherine has this book, too!


I must say, I felt pretty dang good about my purchase.

My original plan was to find some antique gilded frames to complete the elegant that I had in my pretty little head, but inside I kept feeling a urge to give them more color, give our Living Room a little more oomph! So I set the book on a side table for display and waited for the inspiration (and the money) that I needed to complete said vision.

And like magic, I was shopping in the black hole (aka: Target…why do you take all of my cash?) and I came across some very simple and bright frames and I immediately knew they would compliment the botanicals perfectly. The bold color was balanced by the simplistic shape and detail. And for $8 I scooped up 4 of them without hesitation.

{Please excuse the flash}

I simply tore out the prints that spoke softly to me and cut them to the size of the frames and hung the suckers on the wall.

All together now:

Mid Century Danish Chair(s) from GC5 Vintage in Wake Forest, NC (love love love)

Overall, I am pretty happy with the turnout. I might add two more to the collection as I like to go big or go home.

This project was so easy and so cheap that a tutorial isn’t even necessary. Pick up a botanical book, cut out the pictures you like (tell  that kindergarten teacher’s voice inside your head that I told you it was for artistic purposes) and frame ‘em!

Now, I just need to learn how to use my camera (help, Lindsey)

To be continued…


Bad Joan said...

Turned out great! Perfect for that corner. And good idea. Will have to try it.


Sarah Baucom said...

Thanks Joan! It was so easy, it almost just appeared out of thin air :)

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