07 July, 2011

Bic Bands

Throughout my entire life, one thing has remained consistently aggravating. This one thing is: my hair. My fro. My lioness mane. How many times did I cry as a child while my mom brushed my hair? Well, actually not too many. Poor mom just gave up after a couple of times. So the mane of hell was born. My early teens were especially difficult as my hair idols of the time were: Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Love Hewitt (although, I just know her as Love), and Sarah Michelle Gellar…that’s right: a gaggle of girls with straight straight hair. Clearly I was swinging for the fences.
I have used an amazing amount of ‘straightening’ products, tools, and techniques on my little fro. Only to be murdered by humidity. I hate you, humidity. We are officially in a long-term fight…a cold war, if you will*.
There have been a few days in my life (luckily one was my wedding…owe you one,. Big Guy), where I felt like the hair gods reigned down their silky and shiny smooth locks on to the top of my large-ish head. And then for the other 97% of the time, I am really grateful for companies like Bic Bands. I own one ‘skinny’ black Bic Band and it is seriously ah-mazing. For the first time, I can workout without 218371287 bobby pins shoved into my hairline trying to keep the headband in place.
Also, Bic Bands are pretty damn cute. And for only $10, I think they are a great price and a smart investment. Here are my next purchases:
blue green yel red
See the theme? Glitter is IN. Maybe I have just been reading too much of
The Glitter Guide (and LOVING it)? Seriously, those girls totally ROCK!
Or maybe, when you work on a road with the word “Industrial” in it, you just need a little glam in your afro.  You know for those days where you want to do this to the humid North Carolina weather:
Oh yea. Cold War, bitches

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Jen said...

this photo pretty much made my day.

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