25 July, 2011

ASOS-Vintage Style

Sometimes I wonder if I live under a rock. How did I not know about ASOS until recently? I have been depriving myself of a huge selection of gorgeous clothes! I currently have about $3,000 of clothes in my ASOS shopping cart…if only I could buy it all!

asos4 asos5 asos asos2 asos3jpg asos6

All of these frocks are from the ASOS Salon collection. So pretty!!


Gina Michele said...

Love everything you choose! Asos has beautiful things!

♥ Gina Michele

Emma Robertson said...

Such beautiful dresses, I adore the colors!


Sarah Baucom said...

Thank you ladies, I cannot wait to purchase a few of these (hopefully ;)!

ChiccaStyle said...

Love your seelction!!!Especially the lace dresses!

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