29 June, 2011

What to Wear-July 4th

The answer: not a $4 Old Navy shirt. Yeah, act like you have never owned one.
This post idea stems from a tweet posted yesterday morning by FabSugar. “What to wear on the 4th without looking cheesy”? is a great question. Even the most chic fashionistas have played victim to the cheese of holiday wear in the past (for example: star studded headbands from Claire’s, green and red rubber bands on braces, black and orange nail polish, over-glitterizing on NYE). I have assembled a few easy-to wear ensembles that you can wear all Summer as well as on the 4th. 
See? Totally easy and not so gimmicky. I bet you could pull at the very least one of these ensembles from your current closet right now.
Although, you could always ignore my advice and go for your American flag bikini. It’s up to you!

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