07 June, 2011

What do I wear to Bonnaroo?

What do you wear when it is a billion (that is a precise measurement) degrees to a super awesome and hip concert festival? Well, not a lot…so you gotta make that “not a lot” look “really cool” while trying to stay “really cool”. Got it?

Some Street Style {stolen via Style.com} from years past:

So from the looks of it: fedoras, sunglasses, shorts, sandals, boots, scarves, and bangs. OK I have most of those things in my closet. Except for the bangs…no can diddly do.


However, I can rock the following:





{scarf: Forever 21; Hunter Short Boots;  cuff by Francesca’s; Ray Ban Wayfayer (it wouldn’t say Indie without them); James Perse Tank; romper: UO; C&C California Dress}

Ohh so soon…in the immortal words of the Wicked Witch of the West: “I’m Melting”

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