22 June, 2011

Smell Me

After years of flipping through magazine articles with  promises of “Finding your perfect Summer scent”, I have realized that I prefer much simpler and woodsier scents than Glamour will ever advertise. And maybe it is the snob in me (it is), but I refuse to buy a perfume if it was ‘created’ by a celebrity. I don’t care who it is…well of course, if Jenny Lewis came out with a perfume, I would probably reconsider (read:go back on my words).

Also another perk of these simpler scents? They are usually a lot cheaper, and I feel super individualistic. Some of my all-time favs come from where else, Anthropologie:

Another absolute favorite of mine is Fresh’s Violette. It is absolutely the perfect sweet and feminine scent! I love that it is easily layered…and of course the packaging is gorgeous, too.

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